Greetings fellow gamers

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About Garage Games

Garage Games Australia is a small independent game design studio based in Australia, we started up in 2015 with the goal of getting good Aussie tabletop games printed and out to the public.

Our current project we are working on is Reign. We are hoping to bring it to Kickstarter in Jan 2017. However, we have plenty of other projects in the works and are eager to share them with you! Don't forget to check out and like our Facebook page or tweet us at @garagegamesau.

Khairul Hamdan

Hey, I'm Khairul Hamdan, gamer, graphics designer and lead at Garage Games. Born and raised in Wollongong NSW.

Gaming has always been a passion of mine. I started designing in primary school, modifying the rules of RPGs and board games for my friends and I to play. One day I had the crazy idea to start up a company and get some of these games out for others to enjoy.

Most days that you don't find me hammering away at a new game design, I am relaxing with friends (most likely playing board games) or having fun ballroom dancing.

Have a question or just want to say hi? Send me an email or tweet me @garagegamesau I'd love to chat or if you are into graphics design, check out my portfolio.

Game well,




Michael Agnew

Hey, Michael here.

My twin and I are developers on the team behind Reign. I met Khairul while studying maths at uni and now I'm doing a graduate diploma in data science.

Since combining Jenga and Monopoly with Risk as kids to give it some nuclear fallout (jenga block) and economic warfare, my twin and I have long enjoyed trying new ideas and modelling them with games/algorithms. To meet fellow visionaries at uni, like Khairul, has been great and we’re all excited as to what the future might hold.

You can contact me via email.


Daniel Agnew

Hi, I’m Daniel Agnew, one of the developers of Reign.

Like Michael and Khairul, I’ve always enjoyed board games, especially changing them and coming up with new rules to make them more fun.

When I’m not helping invent new board games, I can be found fighting with swords or writing novels. I’m an aspiring author whose debut novel, Ariadne, should be out sometime 2018.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to contact me on my website or find me on Twitter or Facebook.