Reign is coming back to Kickstarter

Hey everyone, we have an exciting announcement!

Reign is coming back to Kickstarter January 16th

I am going to show you some of the cool things we have in store.

Firstly, and most importantly, we have revised Reign’s price. This time around Reign is a steal at $25 AUD (about $18.50 USD) and that includes free shipping worldwide. This was made possible by using a new manufacturer which is both high quality and competitively priced. We will also be using the tried and true method of airmail fulfillment direct from China. It’s fast, effective and affordable (Not to mention VAT / HST exempt in most countries).

This time around we are offering a limited First Wave Shipping Tier for $25 AUD. The first 350 backers to pledge at this level will have their copy of Reign sent off in the first batch of shipping, a few days earlier than everyone else. Back first, play first.

At the $200 Regent Tier you will be benefiting everyone by working with me to design a Kickstarter exclusive promo card that will be added to every Kickstarter copy of Reign. Not only do you get make a part of Reign your own but you also get to feel like a benevolent ruler while doing so. As part of the pledge you will be receiving 3 copies of Reign, 1 for you and 2 more for your family and friends (or all 3 for you, we won’t mind).

Lastly, we have all new stretch goals that will really add to Reign. Promo event cards that will add more variation to your game. A heroes of Kazath mini expansion with powerful and unique military cards to turn the tide of battle. Even an 8 player expansion which will add 27 all new cards to Reign and allow up to 8 people to fight over the Onyx Crown.

So set a reminder for January 16th and tell your friends. (I will send out another post with the link on launch)