A card game of diplomacy, deceit and betrayal. For 2 to 7 players.


The Kingdom of Kazath has been thrown into a state of chaos. With no legitimate heir, the Onyx Crown remains unclaimed. The great houses have begun mustering their forces for the inevitable war of succession that is to come.

You are a noble Lord of Lady of Kazath. After years of servitude the crown is finally within your reach. Gain the support of a great house. Raise an army. Enforce your claim to the Onyx Crown. In the end only one can reign.

The addicting combination of strategy, bluffing, and negotiation will have you talking about Reign long after it’s over!
— Ed, backyardgamedesign.com
Reign ended up being one of the hits. The game is a quick experience and has simple rules to quickly get players throwing promises around the table, with a dash of betrayal as well.
— Tyler, boardgamequest.com
Even the prototype copy of Reign I received looks great. I can only imagine that the actual production version will look even better.
— Moe, w-g-r.blogspot.com.au
Aesthetically pleasing cards, simple mechanics, dynamic gameplay – what more could you want?
— Artur, przystaneklegnica.wordpress.com